March 24, 2023

Almameat launches new website showcasing the whole beef process

March 24, 2023

Almameat launches new website showcasing the whole beef process

At Almameat, we are starting a new stage in communication thanks to the redesign of our website, where we explain the entire beef process, which we call ‘From the field to your table’.

Leaders in the sale of beef and veal in Navarra

Although the Barberena brothers only acquired Almameat two years ago, the family business has worked with beef since 1995.

For this reason, Almameat is much more than a meat company and that is a philosophy that we wanted to reflect in our new website, a very visual space where you can observe all the processes that Almameat, the leading company selling beef and veal in Navarra, carries out.

Our meat company, located at a strategic point in the Pamplona District, is characterised by its complete control of all the processes that need to be carried out to offer high quality beef to our customers, both professionals in the meat industry and final consumers, through our prepared meat products bearing the Almameat brand.

NEW WEBSITE beef and veal industry of Navarra

Beef from Navarra, from the field to your table

Thanks to the different companies in Grupo Barberena, its business activity covers everything from cattle husbandry, shipping, slaughter and cutting to marketing of the product.

From the field to your table, taking care of animal welfare down to the last detail, using the most advanced technology and with strict quality control that permits the full traceability of everything we produce.

All this is supported by the most important certifications, such as IFS and BRC, which demonstrate thorough fulfilment of the most demanding requirements, strengthening the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Almameat also distributes its products to different types of customers. from supermarkets to smaller businesses, such as butchers and restaurants.

Thanks to our R&D department, we have a wide range of products to meet the needs of the consumer, from boned, cut, modified atmosphere packaged products to hamburgers of all kinds.

At Almameat, we are aware of the importance of communication and that is why we have been working on it since the beginning of the year.

With our new website, we want everyone to see that Almameat is a modern company that adapts to the new times and works under exhaustive quality controls, but without losing sight of its origins and taking care of every process that beef goes through.

We invite you to discover our meat process by visiting our website